Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Words We Wuv

I mentioned in a few posts ago the term "Jacksonese". He really does have his own little language. I have become almost fully conversational in this unique language. Here's a brief overview:

Thonas: Thomas the Tank Engine
I need hep: I need help
Greenmama: Grandmama
Pus-e-de-mama: Push Mama. (He thinks this is hilarious)
Psychic: Isaac (His very favorite uncle)
Beddy: Belly
Crain: Train
Crack: Track
Waaaahtch Caas: Watch Cars (He has recently fallen for this movie. Yet another obsession.)
Dandad: Grandaddy
Pooter: Computer
DayDee: J.D. (our cat)
Take a sour: Take a shower
Gonin: Going (Our very special lullaby)
Jaaahson do it: Jackson do it
Ly-ly: Cousin Eli
Sawa: Cousin Sawyer
I sed top/ Top it Mama!: I said stop/ stop it Mama
I sed no: I said no (I guess he's heard me say this one a few times and has picked it up)
Tahcate Miuuuk: Chocolate Milk

I tell you what, this kid is something.


Jessica said...

Thanks for the kind words! Come back and see me anytime! : )

Linda said...

I wonder why almost all kids draw out "miiiuk," even if they're not southern?

Amy Wyatt said...

I am tempted to call the computer a "pooter" sometimes too. LOL