Saturday, August 28, 2010

(Insert music to Sunrise, Sunset)

Just had to upload a few pictures of this sweet little man to the blog. Being the big 4 (Almost 5!) boy that he is, there is just no time to stop for a picture. The AH-mazingly talented Avery Davis took these for us a couple of months ago. You will be seeing a lot of these images for a while on the blog. I'm trying to space all the goodness out!

Jackson starts pre-K next week and he is super excited. Me? Not so much. Life is moving quickly, possibly a little too quickly for this mama. I'm a tad bit nostalgic that this time next year he will already be in kindergarten. I feel as though I have one more year to give him the firmest foundation possible before he is out in the world. (As much as a 5 year old is out in the world, but you get what I'm saying, right?) I just want to soak up every second of this next year. I'm sure once he is in school, time will fly by even more than it already does.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What's that you say???

Ace is 19 months old as of this past Sunday. Holy Moly. We're getting close to 2 and that is just crazy to me.

Little Acey man has quite the vocabulary, and since I use this blog as a sort of baby book I want to record some of these words.

- "Thigh! Thigh!" (translation: outside!)
- "eyesh" (translation: eyes or ice)
- "bye" (translation: of course it is bye. he says it with the greatest southern accent.)
- "ooouuff" (translation: off)
- "was aaat?" (translation: what's that. this could be his most favorite phrase.)
- "bawuul" (translation: ball. again, said with the most amazing southern drawl!)
- "mine" (no translation necessary. with an older brother, he had to learn this one quickly!)
- "ah oh" (translation: I've done something I shouldn't have! Come and fix it, Momma!)

These words are some of the most common, every day words that he uses. He also knows all of the members of our family (momma, daddy, jack jack, j.d.). He also uses a lot of signs and cues to let us know what he wants. He is quite the little talker. He is constantly "saying" something, even if he is the only one who can understand it!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Playing catch up!

We've had a fun and busy summer. I am most definitely looking forward to fall. I'm ready for cooler weather, Jackson's school to start back, and all of our activities that we attend starting back up. Here's a few pictures of what we have been up to!

Ace and his new obsession: shoes. He loves trying them on, hiding them (my favorite yellowbox flip flops in particular), carrying them around, etc. He is also demonstrating another one of his favorite things in this picture; cheesing for the camera. As soon as he sees a camera he starts saying, "teeeeeese". (Cheese!)

Painting/ eating paint. Thank goodness it is non-toxic! Jackson and Ace have kept me supplied with new art this summer!
Taking a bath in Nana's sink is a must while you're still small enough. I will have to find the picture I have of Jackson at this same age in the same spot!

A shot of why Kyle is hands down, the most fun Daddy. Ever. Who knew a commercial leaf blower can provide so much entertainment???

We've had some sweet friends over for play dates. Here are Reagan and Jackson making homemade pizza's for lunch.
More than anything else this summer, I have enjoyed just hanging out with my family. We know how to have a good time together, and I love that!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Days

Today was a little cooler here. (Think 88 degrees. That is almost frigid to what it has been!) So I decided that the boys and I should enjoy some outdoor time. We had a little picnic and played, played, played at the park! We had the entire park to ourselves, which was so nice!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beach Trip 2010

We headed down to the gulf the last week in May. It makes me so sad to think that it may be our last trip there for quite some time. I LOVE the gulf. The day we left was the day that oil was starting to reach the shore in Pensacola. We had a great time, and I'm so glad that we were able to get away for a week in the sun and sand!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Another day, another milestone!

I decided to give Ace a cup without a lid today... and he did GREAT! As great as any 15 month old could, of course! I put a small amount of milk into a plastic cup, and he only spilled the tiniest bit. He will by no means be drinking out of a cup primarily, but I think it would be fine while he is in his highchair! Way to go, Ace! You're getting so big!