Monday, September 29, 2008

Turtle, it's what's for dinner.

While I was driving home on Friday afternoon, Kyle called my cell phone. He frantically asked me where the camera was. He needed the camera! Where is the camera?!!? Please don't say the camera is in your purse!!

Guess what? The camera was in my purse.

When I received the call, Kyle was sitting in his truck on the side of the road that runs just outside of our neighborhood. He had seen something about to cross the road and being the inquisitive man that he is, he had to get a better look. Turns out, it was this lovely creature that he found.

Obviously, I got to the scene with my camera, thus the picture. It is a giant snapping turtle. Here is Kyle touching the thing with a shovel.
I was about to run back to the car after I saw that thing snap at him. It was pretty quick too, as far as turtles go. Kyle was debating what to do with the thing. He didn't want it to get ran over on the road, but really, what do you do with a snapping turtle?

Something tells me this little love wouldn't be a good pet for Jackson. (Do you see that tail? It looks like an alligator.)

Thank goodness, the rightful owner of the turtle lives in a house that is about 30 yards away from where Kyle found it. He saw the flash from my camera and knew that we must have found his turtle! The man was seriously overjoyed.
Here is Rightful Owner, with his 25 pound turtle. And the best part of this entire story is this: He was fattening the turtle up so he could use it in a STEW. Yum yum. He even invited Kyle and me over to enjoy some delicious turtle stew. Unfortunately, we had plans.

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's captivating stuff, really

BooMama is hosting a Before & After thingy at her blog. I wanted to join in but, to be honest with you I wasn't feeling up to doing anything major! So I decided to tackle my unbelievably messy bathroom cabinets. Y'all, I had enough mostly empty bottles of lotion to grease down a whale. I combined some, and threw out a lot. I also got rid of a ton of old makeup. I think I had about 7 bottles of crusty foundation that I trashed. I'm sort of ashamed to show these pictures to the world, but here it is!



Thanks so much to BooMama for the inspiration. Now if I could only transform the old office/spare bedroom/storage space/catchall room into the nursery!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Praise Jesus for rocking chairs, beautiful views, cabins in the mountains, re-reading old favorite books, convertible Mustangs, Shrimp and Grits (mmmmmmmmmm), inside jokes with your husband (yo love salsa!!!), mini wedding cakes, and 5 wonderful years of marriage. We had an amazing weekend!

Run, don't walk to your local grocery store and get the ingredients for these Shrimp & Grits. These were on the menu at our wedding, and I was a little intimidated to make them myself, but they turned out so wonderfully. It really is a pretty fool proof recipe.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And I never looked back

Edited to add: Our wedding anniversary is actually September 20. But, we will be in a cabin far, far away from any internet connection. Even if there is an internet connection, I'm not taking my laptop. So, here it is. A day early, but the sentiment holds true every day of my life.

Five years ago today, I woke up to a gorgeous early fall morning. It was a perfect day! Sunny, cool, and breezy.

Five years ago today, I sneaked over to the house that would soon be mine and my husbands for a hug and quick talk with my fiance. He gave me a beautiful diamond necklace to wear that afternoon.

Five years ago today, I went with my best friend for a leisurely afternoon at the beauty salon. We had our hair done and I headed home.

Five years ago today, I put on my makeup in the tiny little bathroom at my parent's house. I made sure that it was perfect with lots of waterproof mascara.

Five years ago today, I got in the car with my momma & daddy. My nervous daddy drove me to where my wedding was to take place and didn't say a word the whole time. He just kept his steady 50 mph down I-85. As I was screaming on the inside for him to HURRY UP!

Five years ago today, I sipped champagne and ate strawberries with my bridesmaids. We got dressed and headed out for pictures.

Five years ago today, my mother zipped up my gown for me. She adjusted everything until it was just right. She stood back and looked at me and somehow managed to hold back tears. She knew that if she cried, I would just fall apart!

Five years ago today, I hugged my grandmother and silently prayed for a long a beautiful marriage like she had with my grandfather.

Five years ago today, I waited in a small bedroom with my sister and peaked out the window to see people filing into the beautiful tree lined ceremony area.

Five years ago today, I clutched my daddy's arm and walked down to the man who was waiting to become my husband.

Five years ago today, I married my best friend.

You are the fixer of all broken things, the maker of the best pot of coffee & grilled cheese sandwiches, the calm in the storm, the laugh through tears, the Daddy to my babies, the strong and gentle leader for our family, the logical one, my sanity. I love you with everything that is within me. You bless me and our family on a daily basis. Thank you.

I love you,


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We are expecting....

Yesterday Kyle and I went to our 20 week ultrasound. Our appointment was scheduled for 1:20 in the afternoon and that was the latest 1:20 that I've ever experienced! To say that I was anxious is an understatement! I not only wanted to find out the sex of the baby, but I wanted to see that the baby was healthy and progressing along just as it should.

We arrived at the doctor's office at 1:15 (which was all the way out in Tucker. A good 45 minutes from our house) and I wasn't taken back until about 1:43. Y'all my bladder was about to burst! The precious ultrasound technician could immediately see on the machine that I needed to "relieve" my bladder and let me go on to the bathroom. So after that was taken care of she started doing all the routine ultrasound stuff. The baby's heart was beautiful and we could see the 4 chambers, brain looked great, spine was all there, both femur bones, etc. Praise the Lord! I was filled with such wonder and awe just laying there looking in on a great mystery. My sweet baby is not a mystery to God, and I feel like I was snooping around on His handiwork. I have said it before, but I just don't understand how someone can see something like that and not believe in God. It was a beautiful and precious moment that I will never forget.

Finally we got around to the gender part. Brenda, our ultrasound technician kept turning around and smiling at Kyle. She asked us what our first child was. I was staring at the screen trying so hard to figure out why she was smiling and giggling. AND then it was quite obvious... we are expecting a little BOY! A little boy who has already figured out that he has a penis and he likes to play with it. I'm not even kidding you. I have the pictures to prove it. But for posterity's sake, I will refrain from posting them! Let's just say that it was very easy to tell that he is definitely a boy!

I'm thrilled. A little girl would of course have been just as lovely, but I am so glad that Jackson is getting a little brother. Daddy is just as tickled and proud as he can be. Our only hurdle now is figuring out a name! We have a middle name picked out, but we are torn between a few different options for the first name.

Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments and prayers that were lifted up on our behalf. Y'all are really the best!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pregnancy brain...

Edited to add the acutual awards. I must have been in lala land yesterday!

I totally forgot the reason why I even started the last post. I'm calling pregnancy brain on that one. Anyhoo... I received 2 awards and I need to pass them on. I am honored to get the "Kind Blogger" and "Friendship" awards.
About a year or so ago I had really just started reading blogs, and knew a few ladies from church who kept up with them. I had gone to Carol's blog through someone's else's link and really enjoyed reading. Then one night at choir I saw her, and kept thinking to myself, how in the world do I know that woman? It was about to drive me crazy until it dawned on me that I had visited her blog! I finally decided that I just had to talk to her and tell her that I had found her blog. Y'all, she is like a blogging super star. She had an article printed in the P31 magazine and everything! Her writing is so heart felt and humorous and always glorifies God. She really is just as sweet in person. Thanks so much for the award, Carol! Go and visit her over at Sheep to the Right! Now, I would like to pass these awards to...........

*My sweet sister, Megan. Seriously, the person who is ultimately responsible for bringing me to Christ. She was such an amazing role model as we were growing up. Love you!
*A friend that I have known forever, and one of my bridesmaids, Stephanie.
*This lady just found out that she is expecting her first baby, and she was my boss for one summer. (An amazing boss, by the way!) Donna.
*I met Lauren during one of the most stressful times of my life! Dr. Aiken's Anatomy and Physiology I & II would not have been the same without her. She is a registered nurse now and has worked so hard to get through school!
*And finally, Robyn who is also expecting her first little baby! She is only a few weeks behind me. I met Robyn at NGCSU and she is going to be the best mama ever!

So thanks again, Carol! I really am honored to get those awards from you!

Getting down to bidness

September is here! Oh my word, I just can't believe it. August was a very full month with lots of new stuff for us. All of these new things just made the month fly by.

Our first new experience in the month of August was putting Jackson in a big boy bed. We hyped this up to him for quite some time and let him pick out his new decor. Of course you know what the child picked. Thomas the Train. Big surprise, huh? I laugh at myself now, because before I had kids I always said I would never let my children be covered in character stuff. Well, God does have a sense of humor and gave me a little boy who is completely obsessed with one character in particular. I just figure now that if it makes my baby happy, then, why not? I don't have any pictures of Jackson's new big boy bed, but here is the picture courtesy of the Target website.
Jackson has done really well in the new bed and he seems to enjoy his newfound freedom. We did use the "Nanny 911" method. Which is the first time they get out of bed you lovingly put them back in. 2nd time they get out you put them back in and just simply tell them "back to bed". The 3rd time you just plop them back in without saying a word. It really did work well for Jackson. He is getting up quite a bit earlier now and coming into our room, but that's ok. We just turn the tv on for him and snooze away.

Our 2nd big new experience is potty training. I know I've mentioned on here a few times about trying to get Jackson to go to the potty, but he really never seemed ready. I was about out of his last box of diapers, and I decided for him that it was time! He was definitely developmentally ready, just a bit lazy with the whole thing (typical man). So, we headed off to Target (sensing a theme here?) and got him a big goody bag together. Going #1 was a non issue. He had that pretty much down in one day. Going #2 was a little challenging, but this past week he has gotten that under control. Praise the Lord! I wouldn't say that he is 100% potty trained, but more like 95%. So I really am excited! I'm glad we'll have a small break from diapers until the new baby arrives!

Lastly, Jackson started preschool yesterday! He is in the older 2's class at Hebron which goes on Tuesday's and Thursdays. He woke up yesterday morning with a very low grade fever, but I decided to send him on anyway. I'm totally inexperienced in this arena. I debated for 2 hours about what to do and finally decided that he was certainly well enough to go. He didn't have a fever when I dropped him off, and didn't have one when I picked him up. So I think I made the right decision. He had a great time, and was super excited about snack time and playing on the playground. But the poor guy was completely tuckered out when he came home. We ate a quick lunch and he took about a 3 hour nap. Today he feels fine, with no fever at all. Here he is in his first day of school outfit. So preppy and cute! Love it!In other news, I'm almost halfway through my pregnancy. I am 19 weeks and counting! I'm feeling great, and feeling quite a bit of movement from the baby. (He/she is actually kicking away right now. Do we have a future blogger on our hands?) We go next Tuesday for the big ultrasound. And YES, I am finding out the sex. I'm way too much of a planner to not find out! I even tried to bump up my appointment to this week because I'm so impatient. Too bad they were all booked. Please pray that the ultrasound shows a healthy little one. Boy or girl really is a non-issue. As long as everything is normal and healthy, I will be so happy with either. If my instincts are correct, it is a boy. But I was also totally convinced that Jackson would be a girl. Who knows!

I hope y'all have a great week. And I'll post as soon as I can on Tuesday to update on what the sex is!