Monday, September 22, 2008

Praise Jesus for rocking chairs, beautiful views, cabins in the mountains, re-reading old favorite books, convertible Mustangs, Shrimp and Grits (mmmmmmmmmm), inside jokes with your husband (yo love salsa!!!), mini wedding cakes, and 5 wonderful years of marriage. We had an amazing weekend!

Run, don't walk to your local grocery store and get the ingredients for these Shrimp & Grits. These were on the menu at our wedding, and I was a little intimidated to make them myself, but they turned out so wonderfully. It really is a pretty fool proof recipe.


Josh and Donna said...

woo hoo, so fun!

Carol said...

Too fun!

Hailey said...

Happy belated anniversary! I, too, feel honored to have been a part of your’s & Kyle’s special day! It looks like y’all had a wonderful anniversary!