Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's official, I kind of stink at blogging. I will work harder at keeping updates on here! Anything exciting that happens with us is usually on the weekends, so here is a post about our last 2!

The first weekend in August, we were very busy with our garage sale. All in all, it was a bust! My good friend Leila came over and sold some stuff she had from her old apartment and we had a great time talking and selling our junk together! She sold every single item that she had brought over! I did not do as well. But, I sold some pretty useless stuff and got a little money for it. I had one sweet old man come by and buy a ton of stuff from me. I don't know why in the world he wanted all that junk, but he gave Leila and me a little entertainment for a while. The only downside of the entire day was that I didn't sell my old dining room table and chairs. Anybody have any interest? It's an antique!!! (And I'm selling it for a really cheap price!) Sorry I don't have any cute pictures to post from the sale. I wish I would have taken some!

Last weekend was a fun one! We went to our favorite restaurant in the world on Friday night, Chili's. Jackson chowed down on some chips and salsa. That little boy loves spicy food. I think that is definitely a trait from me. I craved really spicy stuff when I was pregnant with him. After dinner we went to my other favorite haunt, Target. I got a bunch of pictures developed so I can continue with my scrap booking. Saturday morning was tons of fun with a trip to Costco to get our new dining room set! We were very blessed that it was on sale for an even better price than it was before. God really does care about every little detail of our life. Here is a picture of the new table:

I reorganized the kitchen Saturday afternoon while Jackson was napping. I love the new set up of everything and I felt very productive. Don't you just love that feeling? I thrive off of it! Such a dork, I know! Then on Saturday night we had the greatest time with Megan, Jason, and Eli. We had a great dinner at Steak and Shake and then went to Chucky Cheese! The boys had a great time! Oh, and Jackson's Uncle Brian and Aunt Sara came as well. Good times were had all around. Then that night after we put the boys to bed, we stayed up until 1 in the morning playing the Wii. Sorry, again no pictures. I'm really trying harder to take more pictures and documenting our great life, so please bear with me. Since I have no pictures of these events, here's an adorable pic of Jackson in his favorite Thomas shirt. Or as he likes to call it, "Mas"!!!

Notice his haircut? That happened on Saturday morning as well! Here is Jackson sitting at the new table in his big boy seat:

God has so graciously given us such a sweet little boy. Here he is helping Mama sweep up after dinner:
Please pray for Kyle and I this coming Sunday. We are going to be teaching preschool at church. We'll be in Jackson's class for the 2nd hour. I'm very excited about it and I pray that God uses me to teach these precious children about His love for us. I'm also going to be singing in choir! So Sunday's have gotten a little more hectic for us, but I'm really looking forward to it! I will post some pictures soon from our trip we are taking to North Carolina on Saturday. Love you guys, and God bless!

Friday, August 10, 2007


I found this on Beth Moore's blog and thought it was very powerful. I needed this today:

My Dear Sister,The God of Glory has called you. You have a ministry. In Christ, you are enough for that ministry. Never forget that showing God off is your ministry. No matter what, keep your heart in your ministry.Unveil your face and serve others with authenticity. Always remember that the power is in God's Presence. Let nothing Come between you and intimacy with God. Keep moving forward from glory to glory. Let God thin that veil. Remember, ministry is not about position. It's about people. Let name after name be written on your heart. Do not seek great things for yourself, seek a great God. As you leave this place, go in a fresh anointing. He who turns water into wine turns wimps into warriors. You have a ministry. Go fulfill it.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

boys x 3

I found out that my sister is having a baby boy in December! Wow, I can't believe how many little boys are overtaking our family that used to be dominated by girls! I swear that God is making it up to my dad, who was surrounded by nothing but girls. Some of my earliest memories are of Megan and I clipping our pink barretts in his hair. We even had girl animals. So, I'm sure he is glad about all the testosterone in the family now! I am ecstatic about another boy! I can't wait to hold that little guy! I just can't wait until December!