Thursday, September 24, 2009

8 Months


What feels like forever ago, I saw this one little word. One little word changed my life SO much. And now, you have been here with us for 8 whole months! Time is flying by too quickly, little boy. Here's what you are up to:

-Crawling, pulling up, into everything!
-Picking up every random little thing that is on the floor to put in your mouth. (I've been up to a lot of sweeping and mopping!)
-Teething! You are currently getting your 2nd top tooth.
-Refusing to take naps/ waking up in the middle of the night (Boo to this)
-Somehow managing to be the biggest charmer, despite the no nap situation
-Eating lots of table food. You pretty much eat a modified version of what we eat.
-You have learned that people think you are cute. You will stare someone down in the grocery store until they acknowledge you! And once they do, you give them the biggest grin.
-You are not too fond of being away from me. I think a little bit of separation anxiety is setting in.
So, here you are. One little word long ago, to such a sweet blessing in my arms today. I love you! Happy 8 months!

(Last photo is courtesy of Jackson! Quite the little photographer. Very artsy! Ha!)

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