Friday, May 22, 2009

Our little "Big Man"

Ace at 4 months:
- You can roll over from your belly to your back. But I've yet to see you go from your back to your belly.
- You loooove to reach for your toys and look so pleased with yourself when you grab them and put them in your mouth.
- You have full on belly laughs now. Sometimes you will just look at me and laugh. I know, I'm funny looking.
- You are super ticklish. Your tickle spots are under your neck, belly, and armpits.
- I'm pretty sure you think that your big brother hung the moon. You light up when he is around you.
- You sleep through the night most nights. Your bedtime is around 6:30. So early! And most of the time it is a struggle to keep you awake that long. You usually sleep until about 6:15 the next morning.
- You have 2 routine naps. The first about 9:30 and the second around 2:00. As much as you came into the world hating to sleep, you seem to enjoy it now.
- At your doctors appt. today, you weighed 18lbs 6oz. (95th percentile). You were 25.75" long (90th percentile). The doctor seems to think that you will be average size when you get older.
- You look just like your Daddy. The only thing that you got from me are your dimples.
- You're just about the sweetest thing that this earth has ever seen. You are easy to please, generally very happy, and such a wonderful addition to our life. We love you, Mr. Bennett Ace!

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