Tuesday, December 8, 2009

9 & 10 Months

Our little Acey man is 10 months old! I'm so behind on posting, so I'm combining his 9 month post in here as well. Better late than never, right???

Here is what the big man has been up to:
-Into everything! He has officially found the tupperware cabinet. He also loves pulling everything out of our bathroom drawers.
-Of course crawling like a madman, but can cruise now while holding onto furniture.
-Can stand unassisted.
-Although I'm pretty sure he has the skills, has no desire to walk.
-Shows no fear. Loves to be thrown in the air, loves to catapult himself off of furniture, etc. This is VERY different from Mr. Cautious, AKA Jackson.
-Starting to show dislike of certain foods. He doesn't care for anything that he can't feed himself.
-Loves spaghetti (see above picture) =)
-Showing signs of giving up his bottle. He still takes a bottle 3x a day, but usually only drinks about 4-6 ounces at each feeding. Sometimes less.
-His personality just shines through more and more each day. Ace is funny, likes attention, very tender hearted, likes to entertain, and very social.
-Sometimes he love naps, sometimes he doesn't. Right now we are in the loving nap cycle.
-Ace only has 4 teeth, but is working on 2 more.
-In Ace's 9th and 10th months he has had his first double ear infection, first stomach bug, first case of Bronchiolitis, and first cold.
-Sleeps from about 6:30-6:30. If he doesn't take a good afternoon nap will go down for the night even earlier.
-Usually wakes up once during the night.


We love you so much! You and your brother bring so much joy to our lives every single day. I can't believe we are approaching your 1st birthday. Where has this past year gone? You are supposed to be my tiny baby! I say it all the time, but time passes too quickly. I pray every day that the Lord helps me savor this time with you. I know I may sound crazy for this, but I kind of love that you still wake up once during the middle of the night. But I think that time is so special for us. The house is silent and just you and me snuggle up and rock. You bury your little fuzzy head beneath my chin and I just sit there and breath in your fleeting baby scent. Too soon this time will be gone. The biggest achievement in my life is being "Mama" to Jackson and Ace Van Nus. I love you both more than I could ever type out on this silly blog.


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