Sunday, October 18, 2009

Welcome Back!

Vacation was lovely, y'all. Everything a vacation should be. We played, ate, napped, sun bathed, swam, read, talked, and all that good stuff. But doesn't it always seem that when you come home life has piled up? You walk in the door and there it all is, just waiting for you. Truck problems, roof leaks, bills, and empty refrigerators don't care that you just got home from vacation. They need taking care of.

We also received some devastating news the day before we came home. Our sweet friends are going through a really tough time right now and I would appreciate if you could lift them up. The Father knows their needs and hurt right now. We're doing our best to be there for them in this time.

So, if I'm a little absent that is where I'm at. I'm catching up all the daily stuff around here and trying to spend some quiet time in my God's presence.

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