Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We've been hanging around...

Sweet mercy, last week was crazy. Crazy, I tell you! Monday we had Ace's 6 month check up. His stat's are:
Weight- 21lbs 12oz (95%)
Length- 27.75 inches (75%)
Head- 18 inches (75%)

We've got a big boy on our hands. The doctor reassured me not to worry, that he was perfectly healthy and would more than likely slim down when he starts crawling. Which by the way, he is so close. 6.5 months and almost crawling. If he could figure out how to simultaneously move his arms and legs, he would be in business. I'm not rushing him along though. Once they start crawling, it is a whole new ballgame.

Back to our busy week... Tuesday I worked in the office. After not working a 9-5 for quite sometime, it really wipes me out now. I think back of working full time when Jackson was a baby and don't really know how I ever got anything done. Props to you working momma's. You are amazing.

And then Wednesday came! Our church changed up Vacation Bible School this year and held it very late. They also ran it from Wednesday to Sunday. It was different, but still the good old VBS. Jackson really isn't at the age where he can attend yet. But he was able to join a class since I was keeping a baby room. We had a great room, with the most laid back babies I've ever seen. Jackson loved VBS. He had the sweetest teachers who put so much time and effort into planning for the class. Jackson would tell me all about their activities and Bible lessons they had learned. He is still talking about Jonah and the whale.

When I picked him up on Saturday, his teachers told me that they asked him to pray before music class. His prayer was: "Dear Jesus, forgive us for our sins, and give us your mercy when we are bad boys and girls." SO PRECIOUS. Out of the mouths of babes, right? When his teachers told me this, I just started boohooing. I was so proud of him. I am so thankful for a church that cares about children. Jackson has learned so much about God, and is already starting to understand about a relationship with Jesus. Oh, may he always has such an easy faith and love for God!

So we have kept ourselves pretty busy! On Sunday, our nephew and niece, Joel and Abby came over to spend the night. The kids all had a great time. If you could measure fun by the mess in our playroom, I would think they had a blast!
Love this picture of the kids playing mario kart. Reminds me of my childhood playing mario brothers with my sister and cousins!

This week is not as busy as last, but still pretty full. I've got grand plans of making some salsa and putting it away in our freezer, and also canning some peach butter. And then Saturday, we're having a little get together to go shoot the hooch! If you're not from around here, that means tubing on the Chattahoochee River. Should be lots of fun!

What is a post without some cute pics of my boys??? Here is Jacks with his lunch one day. I found this tip on MckMama's blog and it has been such a wonderful tool to get Jackson to eat more healthily. I just fill up a muffin tin with different healthy treats and he eats away! I guess it is just novel to eat out of something different!
Ace has finally started noticing our cat, J.D. Here he is attempting to eat him. I assure you, no cats were harmed in the making of these photos. Well, not seriously harmed anyways.

And just for good measure, here is the website where I got my peach butter recipe. Mmmmm mmmm. Can't wait to have some of this stuff on a biscuit!


Sara Ann said...

JD better watch out! He's got 2 boys after him now!

Robyn Beele said...

I LOVE the muffin idea!! Your boys are so cute and that prayer would make me boohoo too!!

Lauren said...

What chuch do you go to? An RN that works with me had their VBS like that, and she lives somewhat near you, I think. That's a neat idea with the muffin tin--will def have to try that! Love all the pics--your kids are so cute!!!!

Sarah said...

Lauren- We go to Hebron in Dacula. She probably was there, I think we were the only church in this area to do it like that.