Wednesday, July 22, 2009

6 months & Happy Sarah

6 months old. Please take a moment to reflect upon that. My baby boy is growing too quickly!!! If I could slow time down, I would. Every week he has a new trick. Here he is for the first time in the swing. He LOVED it. I think Ace is going to be my little wild man. If you look closely, you can see his 2 bottom teeth. My baby shouldn't be old enough for teeth! 6 months is such a magical age.

Brotherly Love.

Ace is very stable sitting up now. He loves his new view of the world!

My chubby little boy. Love it!

And yes, I am Happy Sarah. Today is not only Ace's 6 month birthday, it's my 26th birthday. Yup, I'm now on the down hill slope of my 20's. Closer to 30 than 20. Kyle made me a birthday cake, and just put "Happy Sarah". Ha! He said that the middle of the cake had a huge crack in it, so he was scared to put "birthday" in the middle. Classic Kyle. This was the first cake he's ever made, and I think it is just precious!

Kyle totally surprised me with something I've been wanting for a while! A new camera to take better pictures of my sweet babes! I'm still learning a lot about the camera, but even on the automatic setting, it takes amazing pictures! Thanks Kyle!


Stephanie said...

What a cutie he is! You're going to love that's the same one I have and the pictures come out awesome!

Brittany said...

I am sooo jealous about the camera...maybe when I have a kid I can beg my hisband to get me one =)
Happy Sarah...that cracks me have one sweet husband!

Mike, Kacy & Wells said...

Happy Birthday! What better way to celebrate than a Big Brother eviction? :-)