Monday, July 20, 2009

26 about my #1

Happy Birthday, to my main squeeze, Kyle. I love you darling, and hope you have a great 26th birthday. To celebrate you, here are 26 random facts about the man himself.

1. Kyle is one out of 7 children. No, his family is not Catholic.
2. Kyle is the third child out of all 7. But from the outside looking in, I think he is a leader to all the kids.
3. He is fiercely protective of his brothers and sister.

4. He is pretty much fiercely protective of anyone he loves.
5. Kyle. Knows. Everyone. We have been in other states and he will run into someone he knows.
6. He may know everyone, but he is horrible with names.
7. Kyle loves tattoos. I think he has 8.
8. I love Kyle's tattoos. They are beautiful and all have great significance to him.
9. Kyle has my mom's name tattooed on his ribs.

10. Kyle refuses to put my name on his body, because he thinks it might jinx us.
11. 1 of his tattoos has our anniversary in it.
12. He has one tattoo completely dedicated to me.

13. Kyle told me the day we met, he knew he wanted to be with me for the rest of his life. We were 12 years old.
14. My husband is the most competitive person I know.
15. Kyle is a tried and true Georgia Bulldogs fan.

16. He keeps informing me that we are only so many days away from college football. I think it's around 40 now.
17. Kyle hates leftovers.
18. I think the man could eat a turkey sandwich every night for dinner and be happy for the rest of his life.
19. I've never in my life seen someone eat ice cream as slow as Kyle does.
20. Kyle started his landscaping business when he was 16 years old. I don't think he ever thought back then that it would turn into what it is now.
21. Kyle's favorite thing in the whole world to buy is movies.
22. He has saved all the movie stubs to every movie we've been to.
23. I'm pretty sure he is more sentimental than me.
24. He loves being a daddy.
25. This probably sounds trite, but he is pretty much good at anything he tries.
26. Kyle is still the man of my dreams.

I love you, babe. Now, hurry up and come home so we can have your birthday party!!!!!!!!!


Ames said...


That was very sweet! :) Your love for each other is so very evident. I hope you're continuing to do well!!

Take care,

Robyn Beele said...

The sweetest post ever!

Mike, Kacy & Wells said...


Thanks for the beach suggestions. We're going to be packing our baby pool - I'm so excited to go.

I really enjoyed reading about Kyle. He sounds fun & I can tell how much he means to you.


Carol said...

That is precious!! Y'all are too cute together. :)