Monday, November 12, 2007


For the past week or so, I've felt very challenged to make a list of the reasons why I love Kyle. I don't know why. I think God is just challenging me to be very cognizant of the blessings in my life and praise Him for all of them. I challenge you to do the same. You don't have to blog them or anything, but just take the time to write out a list of the reasons why you love your spouse or significant other. I think in the grind of life it is very easy to magnify the flaws of your spouse and forget the gifts and strengths. Here's my quick list. Please know that this is just a fraction of why I love Kyle. Trust me, I could go on and on! P.S. I'm going to put up Halloween/ Jackson birthday pics very soon! Promise!

A few reasons why I love Kyle Van Nus

  1. He will refer people that he trusts to anyone. This may not sound like a huge reason to love somebody, but I do believe that this shows his true nature. Kyle wants to help the people out that he trusts and loves. Kyle, who is a business owner himself, knows that referrals in any service industry are huge.
  2. He loves to talk to people. Sometimes, this is the thing that makes me the maddest at him. But, God has been revealing to me that this is his gift. People love talking to Kyle because they know that he will listen and then have a thoughtful conversation with them. Kyle is one of those rare people who isn’t just waiting for their turn to talk. He listens… then talks.
  3. He loves his mama. Girls, the best way to find a good guy is by finding one who loves and respects their mama! Kyle usually talks with his mom once a day on the phone, and every time he gets off the phone you know you’re going to hear, “I love you”. He respects his mother. Before Kyle and I married, he would take his mom out about once a month for dinner. Just because.
  4. He would do anything to help somebody. Again, this can make me livid at times. Even though I think it is crazy and dangerous, he will stop and help a stranger with car troubles. I’m reminded about the verse in the Bible about “what you do for the least of these, you have done for me”. Kyle doesn’t limit his help to strangers. His willingness to serve extends to all of his friends and family. He has become quite the professional mover. I’m quite thankful for this, because in turn our family and friends have been more than willing to help us when we have moved.
  5. He’s handsome. I know it is a shallow reason to love him, but it definitely doesn’t hinder me from loving him! He’s got killer dimples and sweet brown eyes.
  6. He can put just about anything together. He says it is just because he is good at reading and following directions, but I tend to disagree. When I try to put something together, I always read the instructions. But most of the time it doesn’t matter because I just don’t have the knack for putting things together. I get frustrated and impatient. Kyle can come right behind me and assemble whatever it is in a fraction of the time that I can do it. (And do it correctly!)
  7. He loves our child. Seeing my son develop a strong and lifelong bond with his father melts my heart on a daily basis. I know that Kyle would lay down his life in an instant for our child, as would I. I don’t think I’ve ever truly understood Christ’s love and sacrifice for me until I had a child. And I know that Kyle feels the same.
  8. Kyle has set very attainable goals for his business and for our family. He sat down at the beginning of this year and wrote out a list of goals that he wanted to reach by the end of the year. He’s done quite well with all of them and I think a lot have been reached already. I love that he is always thinking about moving forward and making himself better each day.
  9. He cracks me up. Every day. If you know him, you know this is true.
  10. I feel 110% safe and secure when he is around. When we are out to eat somewhere, he always likes to sit where he has a full view of the door. I used to be very confused by this, but I know it is because he wants to have an eye on everyone who is in and out. Just to be aware of his surroundings. This is just one example of how he keeps us safe. I could go on about this one for a long time.
  11. Here’s the most important reason why I love him: He loves me. Crazy me! Me, with all of my flaws and insecurities. All my weird quirks. He even loves me when I don’t make it very easy for him.


Anonymous said...

That is precious and very endearing. It convicts me as well to tell/write down all the reasons why I love my husband. We have an 18 mo. old and I so understand how life just gets in the way. I've begun picking apart all the things that drive me crazy about him but now after reading this, I know I need to re-examine my motives and my heart. This was meant to be that I read this today. Thanks for being so open and transparent!!

Linda said...

You are me about 19 years ago! It's very sweet to read this. I, too, did not really understand our Father's unconditional love until I had my first baby. Then I "got it." Very sweet post.