Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm addicted...

Ok... confession time. I'm addicted to blogs. I've become so addicted that I feel very inadequate about my little humble blog. I read so many witty and funny blogs that I have really put off writing anything in my own. There really are some good ones out there that I could spend hours on hours of reading. (Wait, I did that last night). Here are some of my favorites:

BooMama :This lady is soooo funny. I feel that I know her, and it makes me a little sad that I don't. She shares in my love of Paula Deen and to me that is best friend material.

Pioneer Woman: Uhhh, when I grow up I want to be her. She has 2 blogs. One which details her everyday life on a sprawling ranch out in the middle of nowhere, and the other where she shares her recipes that are simple and delicious. And she plates a lot of her dishes on gorgeous FireKing Jadeite! My mother would be so jealous if she saw her collection!

Cheaper by the half dozen: This lady has 6 kids. Nuff' said. She is raising her kids and still manages to write a book about the true Joy of Christmas, which was heart warming and very inspirational. I purchased her e-book from her site, and I highly recommend it!

These are just a couple that I am totally in love with. If I could ever figure it out I would put up one of those nifty blog roll things and you could see all of the blogs that I'm addicted to! Thats on the list of to do's to make my blog not so lame.


Carol said...

Thanks for your sweet comment! Your family is precious. I love love the picture of you and your husband on the blog about why you love him. Y'all are such a beautiful couple. And I would be glad to show you how to do a blog roll if you really need help! ;) Carol

Sisterlisa said...

When you go to your layout section you can select to ADD something. When the little window pops up, there's one for blog rolls. You and I enjoy some of the same blogs. ;O)

Marybeth said...

Awwww Sarah, you made me blush. Thanks for including me with the likes of Boomama and Pioneer Woman... I am honored!!

Enjoyed visiting your blog and I will be back!