Saturday, August 28, 2010

(Insert music to Sunrise, Sunset)

Just had to upload a few pictures of this sweet little man to the blog. Being the big 4 (Almost 5!) boy that he is, there is just no time to stop for a picture. The AH-mazingly talented Avery Davis took these for us a couple of months ago. You will be seeing a lot of these images for a while on the blog. I'm trying to space all the goodness out!

Jackson starts pre-K next week and he is super excited. Me? Not so much. Life is moving quickly, possibly a little too quickly for this mama. I'm a tad bit nostalgic that this time next year he will already be in kindergarten. I feel as though I have one more year to give him the firmest foundation possible before he is out in the world. (As much as a 5 year old is out in the world, but you get what I'm saying, right?) I just want to soak up every second of this next year. I'm sure once he is in school, time will fly by even more than it already does.