Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sarah's Simple Pleasures

-The smell of hot pavement after an afternoon thunderstorm.
-Family dance parties
-When my hydrangea starts having blooms
-A clean house
-Cuddles from my sweet boys
-When Jackson tells me he loves me, for no reason at all
-The way Kyle smells
-Warm days at the park
-Spending an afternoon with my mom
-Gardening, and being able to harvest
-Finding an unreal bargain
-Fresh, clean, sheets on the bed
-Open windows
-Summertime drives at dusk
-Waking up to birds chirping
-The smell of the beach & sunscreen
-Cooking something my family loves
-Fresh cut grass
-Someone commenting on how cute or well behaved my kids are
-Making silly plans for the future with Kyle

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