Monday, November 9, 2009

Stats & Miscelany

In a very crazy attempt to save myself from 2 trips to the Dr office, I scheduled Jackson's 4yo checkup with Ace's 9month checkup. It went smoothly, but only because my very intelligent mother knew I might need an extra set of hands and volunteered. Have I mentioned I love my mom??? She is such a blessing to me and everyone she knows.

Anywho, the boys did very well and got the A-OK from the doc. The appointment wasn't just a well checkup for both boys, because we all haven't been so well. Jackson and I had strep throat, and Ace has a nasty cold and ear infection. Jackson and I are very much on the mend. This has been the mildest case of strep that I have ever had and it seems to be the same with Jack. Ace, although in great spirits has been feeling pretty lousy. Poor baby, I hate it when my kids don't feel well.

The stats are as follows:
Jackson- 35lbs 3'4". 50% for both weight and height
Ace- 25.14lbs 30.5". GREATER than 95% for both weight and height (off the charts, literally)

I love how everyone tells me "He'll slow down once he starts crawling" or "He'll slow down when he starts pulling up". He's been crawling for nearly 4 months, y'all. He's been pulling up for about the same amount of time. Oh well, I love it. He's our little football player. Believe it or not, Jackson was nearly that big at 9 months. I'll have to pull out his records to confirm, but he was a big boy too.

I failed to post some halloween/ birthday party pictures. Since Jackson's birthday is so close to Halloween, we just had a costume party. Our awesome family and friends were not tardy for the party. (couldn't resist). Look at all the great costumes!


Cecilia said...

They are such cuties! Glad y'all are starting to feel better, hopefully Ace will soon.

Anonymous said...
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