Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Everyone deserves a little random sometimes

It's only Tuesday, but it has been a week! My little brain is tired and just way too crammed with thoughts right now to post any sort of coherent and intelligent post. (Not that I claim to be coherent or intelligent. It's just that tonight it would be waaaaaaay off.) So here is a handy dandy list format of what's going on.

*I'm a tad bit obsessed with couponing right now. CouponMom has totally made me a miser. I rarely buy any grocery item any longer if it is not on sale or has a coupon. It blows my mind how much money I was wasting before I started using the couponmom system. My original grocery bill tonight was $132.66. After coupons & store promotions, I paid $74.34! Grand total of savings of $58.32! And we are stocked up for an entire week. All 3 meals a day & snacks. Love it!

*Kyle has always teased me that my family has an unnatural love for pork products. The joke goes way back. I think he is right. After my grocery trip tonight, I made a list of everything in my freezers so we can use it all up. I had 7 packs of hotdogs, y'all. 7 packs. Not to mention the 8lb. spiral ham, 2 Hormel 81 hams, and pack of sausage. Pork, it's what's for dinner.

*Hubs and I have started working out together. My calf musles have never hated Kyle Van Nus more.

*Ace is oficially a momma's boy. He puckers out his bottom lip anytime someone takes him from me. I did a little bookkeeping today for my old boss, so the kids went over to my mom's. My mom said that Ace was in a terrible mood all day. Just fussy and crying, but didn't really seem like anything was wrong. He was an angel tonight after I picked him up. He just missed me! Hate that! (Yeah right.)

*And most importantly, please continue to pray for baby Alaina, and her parents, Scotlon and Stephanie. The update that I just saw was that Alaina is stable, but still being transferred to Eggleston to be in the absolute best care.

And what post would be complete without a picture of my little men.
Put me in coach, I'm ready to play. Ace was rocking that sweat band.

We found Jackson sleeping like this a few weeks ago. He is like his father and can fall asleep in the strangest positions. That bed rail has definitely held up it's end of the bargain!

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Robyn Beele said...

I am going to have to check us that coupon website!! Thanks for sharing and I LOVE pork too!