Friday, April 4, 2008

An open letter to the Sprout Network

Dear Sprout Network,

First off, let me tell just how delightful I find your station. I am aware that you are owned and operated by PBS. I know I can trust you to broadcast quality, educational programs for my child to enjoy. Although I try to not let my child watch too much television during the day, we have especially enjoyed watching the Goodnight Show with the always lovely Nina and her sidekick Star. I love how my little boy learns a new sign language sign every night. His personal favorite is "construction".

My distress with your network stems from one small problem. No, make that LARGE problem. I would assume that you are aware of the fact that children thrive off of routine and schedules. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING IN CHANGING YOUR NIGHT TIME LINE UP???????????? Since my son was about 1 year old our routine has consisted of: dinner, bath time, brush teeth, Goodnight Show, read a book, snuggle, bed time. Let me be a little bit more specific, the shows that we have watched on the Goodnight show have been The Bernstein Bears and Thomas & Friends. After those 2 shows are over I take my little man and get him all snuggled into his bed. And might I add, he has rarely given me an ounce of trouble with bed time. Because HE THRIVES OFF OF HIS SCHEDULE. Ahem.

As we turned on the television this past Tuesday, I noticed there was a change in the line up. I didn't really think much of it. It was April Fool's day and I thought it was cute that your network decided to enjoy the silliness. Whatever. I assumed that everything would be back to normal. My child didn't understand the "silliness". He asked to watch Thomas but I was able to distract him. Much to my chagrin the next night was still messed up. NOT COOL SPROUT. NOT COOL. What are you thinking? You have replaced my son's 2 favorite shows with Calliou. Really? I would go out on a limb and say that Calliou is about the worst children's show ever. EVER. But I had to sit there and suffer through it, hoping with all my heart that Jackson would watch it and forget about his other shows. HE DIDN'T FORGET. The poor child just kept asking me over and over if Thomas was coming on. No baby, Sprout has screwed with us.

Of course, bed time has been way more difficult this week thanks to your horrible decision to "mix things up". I still haven't figured out a new night time schedule. I don't think my son or I can tolerate Calliou. So thanks Sprout. Thanks a whole ton.

A really ticked off viewer


Robyn Beele said...

I hope you sent that in. That is terrible to mess with children's schedules.

Carol said...

This is too funny. We don't get sprout anymore b/c we switched to Dish. I miss it. You need to get Tivo b/c then you can watch your favorite shows anytime.