Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Croupe is just about as disgusting as it sounds

Yup, you heard it right. Jackson has Croupe. It started Thursday night and I thought he was just getting a cold. Then it just kind of lingered all weekend and on Sunday he developed a cough. Kyle took him to the doctor on Monday and she told us that it was Croupe! Seriously, I have only heard my grandmother talk about babies getting "The Croupe". I didn't know that it was still around. Please keep our sweet little man in your prayers for a speedy recovery and some peace from those rough coughs.

So on to other updates. Let me again stress how badly I stink at blogging. I think about updating serveral times a week but I just never get around to it. I think the last time I blogged I said that we were about to go to North Carolina to see my grandmother. Here are some sweet pictures of Mamaw and Jackson swinging:

The middle one is my favorite. Jackson sat on the swing with Mamaw for about 20 minutes and almost feel asleep. We had such a great visit with her. It was fun going up and surprising her for the afternoon. When we got to her house Mamaw was up in her garden pulling up bean vines. The woman is 86 years old and works harder than anyone I know that is half her age. Just about 2 weeks ago she had a pace maker put in, so she's had to take it easy. I'm sure she's hating the down time!

As far as Jackson news, he is talking up a storm now. It is truly amazing how he went from saying just a couple of words to talking in pretty complete sentences. It really has made life so much easier. He lets me know what he wants to eat and drink, what he wants to do. And he also has a huge vocabulary regarding Thomas the Tank Engine. He know all of the engines names. He knows the names of the engines that I don't even know. And trust me, I've seen my share of Thomas shows and dvd's. We bought him a Thomas coloring book with stickers in it. Here is the result:

We had a great family outing at the fair. We had a great time eating all of the junk food and riding the ferris wheel. Jackson also loved the petting zoo.

I love the picture right above. I think it shows how much Jackson favors Kyle. This was taken on the ferris wheel which cost us $12 to ride. The fair is ridiculously exspensive, but we had a great time.

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