Sunday, July 29, 2007

Goings on and such!

Hello everyone! Welcome to our humble blog. I just decided to start doing this, and I apologize to anyone who is bored enough to actually read any of it!

Life has been crazy for the past month or so. I just realized yesterday that we have had something going on every single weekend for 4 weeks! First we had Andy and Leila's wedding. It was absolutely beautiful and I was so happy that our family was a part of it. Jackson had his first job as a ring bearer... and if I do say so myself, he was the cutest little guy ever. He did excellent and stood at the alter with Kyle the entire time. The wedding went off without a hitch and everything was perfect.

Then the next weekend Jackson came down with what I think was a viral infection and earache. Poor little guy. So that entire weekend was spent at doctors appointments and loving on him. Thank goodness he is all better! And wouldn't you guess it, the next weekend I got the same viral infection! I know how bad I felt and I couldn't imagine how a little bitty body like Jack's could go through it. So that weekend was also dedicated to a doctor's visit and Kyle being Mr. mom! He was so amazing and took such good care of me. I basically slept the entire weekend. But, I'm all better now as well!

And finally the next weekend was spent at the beach on a short vacation! It was such a nice long weekend and I'm very grateful that we could get away. The beach was just stunning. I don't think I've ever seen the water that clear at a beach in America! It was seriously like water in Mexico. Just much cooler!

So.... this weekend was spent at home! As much as the beach was beautiful, it was so nice to be at our house with nothing much to do and no sick people to take care of! We got the garage cleaned up, got some closets cleaned out, and caught up on family time! Sunday we went to church, which unfortunately we have not been able to go to for 4 weeks! Needless to say, Jackson had gotten out of the routine of going to nursery and didn't do too well today! The teacher said that every time the door would open he would say, "Daddy?" Poor little thing. But it was so nice to get back to church.

So, we're pretty much up to date on the past month or so! Upcoming goings on include:
1. Megan, Jason, and Eli moving back to Georgia! (Please pray for their safety and also that their house back in N.M. sells).
2. I'm having a yard sale!
3. Megan finds out the sex of the new baby! Yippee! My money's on a girl.
4. Repainting our bedroom and redecorating with the unbelievable bedspread my mom found a thrift store! My mom really has talent!

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